Welcome to All Shades Matter Cosmetics, we are so excited that you found us, let’s make a change.

All Shades Matter Cosmetics, co-founded by Tali and Shaanti, is built on the notion of supplying an affordable, simple, and polished everyday foundation that caters to a broad range of skin tones, specifically, darker tones. Our brand stemmed from our experiences of finding products that complement our skin tone. We are both adopted from India and have come to understand the struggle in colour matching makeup products in Australia and believe there is a large gap in the current Australian beauty market. Our advocacy is not confined to just our skin colour. All shades matter.

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Our hope is for people with darker skin tones to experience the same availability of makeup like everyone else does in Australia. As mentioned, we are both adopted from India. Our adoptive parents went through the intercountry adoption process where Shaanti was adopted to Australia in 1989 and Tali, in 1994. Still, to this day, we are grateful that through all these years, our families have remained close and connected.

Shaanti Wallbridge All Shades Matter Cosmetics


Shaanti was adopted from Patna to Australia in 1989. She was flown from Delhi to Melbourne, where she met her new family. She is so grateful to be here today, as she believes the stars aligned for her that day. Once she arrived in Melbourne, she almost got returned to India since they thought she had a serious medical condition, which turned out to be a simple fingerprint on an X-ray. Watching the movie, Lion, with her parents really helped her understand the process, the struggles, and the love that they put into helping shape who she is today.

Tali Mason All Shades Matter Cosmetics


In reference to the movie, Lion, our stories are quite similar, where Tali was adopted from the same orphanage mentioned in the movie, Nava Jeevan in Calcutta. She was adopted to Australia when she was 15 months old, and as mentioned in the movie, Mrs. Sood (the head of intercountry adoption) was the driving factor in enabling her parents to successfully adopt her. Her relationship to the movie was extremely raw and demonstrated to her, in her adulthood, the grueling process that her parents went through to adopt her, as they could not have children of their own, and she will forever be grateful for the opportunities and love they have provided her.


As people of colour living in a multicultural country, Tali and Shaanti believe that they speak on behalf of many people that may face a similar struggle on a daily basis. This is where All Shades Matter Cosmetics strives to close the gap between makeup shades, eliminating the need to ‘colour mix’ or find the ‘ideal’ shade. At All Shades Matter Cosmetics, our message is to positively change the beauty industry within Australia and the movement of shade variety and diversity.