ASM in the American Spotlight!

ASM in the American Spotlight!

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by Roxy, the Founder of Non Niche, all the way from the United States. The conversation revolved around All Shades Matter and the journey that led us to establish our company. Roxy's positive thoughts and insightful feedback left us inspired, and her anticipation for the launch of our flagship product, The MATTERfying Foundation, in the US filled us with excitement.

A Transatlantic Connection:
The power of technology brought us together, bridging the distance between our company and Roxy, who resides in the US. Despite the physical separation, our shared passion for inclusivity and diverse representation united us in a meaningful conversation. This cross-border connection highlighted the global significance of the All Shades Matter mission and the impact it can have on beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

The Birth of All Shades Matter:
During the interview, we delved into the story behind All Shades Matter, exploring the motivations that propelled us to start this transformative journey. Our commitment to inclusivity and the desire to address the long-standing underrepresentation of diverse skin tones in the beauty industry served as the driving force. The interview allowed us to reflect on the challenges we faced, the progress we have made, and the exciting future that lies ahead.

Insights and Positive Feedback:
Roxy's insightful thoughts and positive feedback during the interview provided a fresh perspective on our journey. It was heartening to hear her resonate with our mission and acknowledge the importance of offering products that cater to all individuals, regardless of their skin tone. Her understanding of the need for inclusivity within the beauty industry reinforced our conviction and motivated us to continue pushing boundaries.

Anticipation for The MATTERfying Foundation:
One highlight of the interview was Roxy's eagerness for the launch of our best seller product, The MATTERfying Foundation, in the United States. The foundation's reputation as a game-changer for individuals seeking inclusive beauty options has created anticipation and excitement among beauty enthusiasts across borders. The knowledge that our product has captured the attention and interest of the US market further fuels our determination to make a lasting impact.

A Future of Possibilities:
As we wrapped up the interview, the conversation left us with a renewed sense of purpose and a heightened anticipation for what lies ahead. Roxy's enthusiasm, coupled with the overwhelming response from individuals in the US, solidifies our belief that All Shades Matter can make a significant difference globally. The interview served as a reminder of the importance of our mission and the responsibility we have to effect positive change within the beauty industry.

The interview with Roxy, Founder of Non Niche, proved to be an insightful and inspiring experience for All Shades Matter. The exchange of thoughts and ideas across continents reaffirmed the significance of our mission to promote inclusivity and diverse representation within the beauty industry. Roxy's positive feedback and anticipation for the launch of The MATTERfying Foundation in the US reinforced our commitment to driving change and ignited a sense of excitement for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. With every step forward, we are one step closer to a future where all shades truly matter.


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