Welcome to All Shades Matter Cosmetics, where we invite you to join us in celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Co-founded by Tali and Shaanti, who share their personal adoption stories, believe that beauty should know no boundaries. With our bestselling MATTERfying Foundation and unwavering dedication to representation, we empower you to embrace your unique shades with pride. Together, let's redefine beauty standards and place inclusivity at the forefront.

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This is a cute everyday makeup look, versatile, quick, easy and just enough glam to take you from day to night. The foundation I'm wearing is the perfect skin like finish with an easy application. #chocolatemousse that's what I'm calling it!
Christabel, NZ
A special gift from the universe for a lost brown girl
As a lost brown girl who grew up without the luxury of being able to find the right shade to match her beautiful melanin-rich brown skin tone, I’m so ever grateful for All Shades Matter for launching their foundation line for people of colour.
I've got oily skin and this foundation is the perfect addition to my ever growing collection. Having worn the foundation a few times, I have never felt so beautiful and proud, giving me the boost of confidence to walk out of the doors feeling like I’m about to conquer the world. It’s so lightweight and doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup.
Shanika, AUS
Holy grail!
I've waited 30 years for this! Finally a foundation that goes on like a second skin. Perfect colour match, beautiful consistency and FINALLY no need to colour correct. Cuts my morning routine by half, simply rub it in like moisturiser. Couldn't be happier.
Amanda, AUS
Worth every dollar!
I just want to say thank you! Thank you for creating a product that made me feel myself. I am someone who doesn’t like make up much and nor am I great at applying it. I watch a lot of videos/tutorials just to try and get it right. But this foundation is pure magic. I wore it for the first time yesterday for Valentine’s Day and I think I love this foundation more than my husband 😂

But thank you thank you thank you for making brown girls around the globe feel beautiful in their own skin.
May your brand grow beyond your expectations.
Ash, AUS
Love it
I love the texture of this foundation. I was scared when I saw how small the package is, but a little goes a long way! I definitely use less of this foundation than others I’ve used before. I great coverage and it feels lovely on my skin. I used the shade natch assist to determine my shade and it got it 100% correct!
Zino, AUS
Perfect Colour match
Extremely happy with this product . After 20+ years of wearing foundation that is either too dark or too light for my skin colour , its great to find a product that blends in naturally and gives just the right amount of coverage.
Christine, AUS
Perfect for my brown skin!
I have tried so many other products that promise on matching skin tone but it never worked. This is the first product I used without mixing others. I don’t even apply any powder, I just apply this because it makes me look like me. Thank you for not disappointing me and letting me be proud of my brown skin!
Madhuka, AUS
The foundation is so creamy and blended to my skin so well that I actually couldn’t tell the difference...It looked like a filter!!!!
Foundation smell so clean and natural too, very refreshing scent xx Love
I am in love with these foundations. The shades are beautiful and so needed. My clients said they were comfortable to wear and the texture is just divine. I am hooked and my kit is improved adding these beauties to it 🤎
Sara, Makeup Artist
Bliss having a match!
Flawless formula doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation it’s just melts into your skin with a beautiful matte finish!
Why have I been following this brand’s journey? Because growing up, skintones like mine just weren't seen in stores or the tones that were there were not matched for real #melaninrich skin. I remember in particular during a drama production, when every other cast member was getting their make up done, I was looked down on as if doing my make up was a waste of time and was dismissed by being told to go find some brown eyeshadow to use on my skin. No effort was put into attempting to help sort out other cosmetic areas just because of my skin tone... This is an amazing brand, making foundation tailored for melanin rich skin tones like mine
Vini, AUS
Just wanted to say what an inspirational story you both have. I have always struggled to find the right make-up and as a result never had confidence to do it. Then the lack of support at stores meant I stopped using make up. But I am excited to try your product. I am so glad that when my 11 year old daughter grows up products like yours will be the norm. 
Subha, AUS
The perfect match 🤎

Was one of the most softest and smoothest foundations I’ve ever tried!
Ky, NZ
Hello flawless skin! Can you believe that a matte foundation can look this good?

It's the subtle changes that The MATTERfying Foundation provides to the skin by enhancing your natural glow, without amending your unique features.
Krishna, NZ
New favourite foundation base routine! Wow my face is giving everything and more!
Vincent, NZ
I am so honoured to be one of the first few people in NZ to try The MATTERfying Foundation for people of colour.

As a light skinned African woman, it’s a lot harder than you think, to find a shade that suits my skin tone.

Thankfully,@allshadesmattercosmetics came through for your girl!

It smells like Summer as soon as you open the product. Very smooth and makes you feel so comfortable. You can wear this foundation by itself or as a full glam look.
Sara, NZ