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Embracing Diversity: Our Journey with All Shades Matter Cosmetics on Studio Ten

In June 2021, All Shades Matter Cosmetics had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed on Studio Ten. It was a momentous occasion as we were about to launch our best-selling and inclusive product, The MATTERfying Foundation. As adoptees from India, we personally struggled to find foundation shades in Australia that complemented our unique skin tones. Our own experiences inspired us to start our company, driven by a deep desire for inclusivity and a passion to share our adoption stories.

The Quest for Inclusivity:

Our quest for inclusivity began with a simple frustration— the struggle to find suitable foundation shades that catered to our diverse skin tones. As women of colour, we felt disheartened by the limited options available in the beauty market. The lack of representation ignited a fire within us, compelling us to take matters into our own hands.

The Birth of All Shades Matter Cosmetics:

Fuelled by our shared experiences and determination to make a difference, we embarked on the journey of founding All Shades Matter Cosmetics. One of the core principles of our brand is inclusivity. We firmly believe that beauty should not be limited to a narrow definition but should embrace the richness and diversity of all skin tones. Unfortunately, for far too long, people of colour have been underserved and underrepresented in the beauty industry, often struggling to find foundation shades that match their complexion seamlessly.

The MATTERfying Foundation: A Bestseller:

At the core of All Shades Matter Cosmetics lies our flagship product, The MATTERfying Foundation. This foundation quickly became a bestseller and embodies our commitment to inclusivity. At All Shades Matter Cosmetics, we are proud to offer The MATTERfying Foundation, a product specifically designed to cater to people of colour. We understand the unique needs and diverse range of skin tones within communities of colour, and it has been our utmost priority to create a foundation that celebrates and enhances the beauty of every individual.

With The MATTERfying Foundation, we hope to challenge the status quo, redefine beauty standards, and empower individuals of colour to embrace their unique shades with pride. We believe that every person deserves to feel seen, represented, and celebrated in the world of cosmetics. 

Sharing Our Adoption Stories:

What sets All Shades Matter Cosmetics apart is not just our commitment to inclusivity in beauty but also our desire to share our personal adoption stories. As adoptees from India, our experiences have shaped our perspectives and fueled our drive to create a brand that goes beyond makeup. By openly sharing our adoption journeys, we aim to inspire others, foster dialogue, and encourage acceptance and understanding.

A Stepping Stone to Change:

Our appearance on Studio Ten was a significant milestone in our journey. The interview provided us with a platform to amplify our message and reach a wider audience. By highlighting our own experiences and emphasising the need for inclusivity, we hope to spark conversations and challenge the existing norms in the beauty industry.

All Shades Matter Cosmetics has emerged as a beacon of diversity and inclusivity, revolutionising the beauty landscape. As co-founders, our personal adoption stories have not only shaped our lives but have also become a driving force behind our mission to make beauty accessible to all. Through our bestselling MATTERfying Foundation and unwavering commitment to representation, we are redefining standards and empowering individuals to embrace their unique shades with pride. All Shades Matter Cosmetics serves as a reminder that beauty knows no boundaries, and the pursuit of inclusivity is a cause worth fighting for. 

Together, let's celebrate the rich tapestry of beauty and affirm that all shades truly matter.

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